Fioste is a household name for innovation and advancement in solution services, ranging from web applications to support operations to technological tools to enhance productivity and services.

Since 2010, the visionaries at Fioste has evolved and grown to what it is now as an emerging enterprise, resolute in enhancing and solving operational and technological difficulties. Not only is Fioste in the business of software development, it has also ventured into food and costmetic production, Space Technology Research and Development through its parterships.




The myFOS onboarding and probation checklist app created by Fioste to resolve time wastage in the recruitment process, audit and accountability after onboarding of new staff into an organisation.

myFOS enhances probation periods in accurately monitoring the stages, activities and audit after completion of the probation by a staff. click on myfos login to gain access into the app 


Fioste HR consulting has dedicated team of HR professionals ready to support your business needs. Fioste HR pioneers in organisation development, recruitment and resourcing, talent management, organisational engagement. Fioste HR can be the catalyst to your business improvement and growth, support your organisation to achieve its true potentials.

About Fioste

myFOS makes you make sure All newly recruited staff can all be gathered in one place. Process all your probation in one place never to forget or miss out any activities to get your staff well informed and equiped to function effectively.